Agape Christian International Church was started about 10 years ago with a very specific calling from our Lord. From the beginning, the vision of our ministry was to build an International Church that served as a spiritual home for everyone regardless of race or nationality. We believe that our Lord has called us to be his ambassadors of this multicultural society. It is both our duty and pleasure to strive to create a friendly and loving society for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 

We are convinced of our mission because we hear the cry of the immigrants and their children who struggle to integrate with the new community. We witness the hesitation of the locals who wish to be Good Samaritans to those who have just arrived to this country. We feel the pain of Christian parents who cannot bring their child to a church because the children no longer fit into a mono-cultural environment. We believe that this situation will never improve if churches do not take the initiative to be fully inclusive. So, we are here to respond to His Call and to make our church a home for all.

By God's grace, our ministry has reached out to people of different races and social backgrounds, including the homeless in San Francisco, and poor children in San Diego.

Together, we all feel at home because Agape Christian International Church is a Christian Church, a Church of God, and a Church for all nations.